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Technology. Economics. Education. Politics. Business. Science. Arts.The development of these FIELDS is in our hands. In a CULTURE characterized by the speed of communication, innovation and technology, the human factor plays a fundamental role.  We should ask ourselves: where we are going and how are we going to get there?"


UNIV Lab is a an international conference, a space of encounter, reflection and work.

UNIV Lab opens with a keynote talk on this year's theme: the Human Factor.

This year, our keynote speaker is Anne Boily.



Anne Boily completed her PhD (Montréal, Québec, Canada) in Political Science in 2021, with a thesis on the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI). In her thesis, she examined the notion of tensions in ethics and proposed a dialogue-based approach to AI ethics for policymakers. She worked as Director, Performance of the Québec AI ecosystem, with the aim of working towards its growth and international competitiveness. In this role, she spoke at various AI events, including at AI Sweden Talent Day and the European AI Week. She has taught at the Université de Montréal and currently works in Responsible AI and strategy.


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You can discusse about Human Factor and many issues related to this topic through different dynamics in international and interdisciplinary* groups of 40-50 people, led by experts in each field.

Allannah K. Karas.png

Allannah K. Karas

University of Miami


The Human Power of Storytelling – Identity, Friendship, & Healing through Humanities

Human Factor and Storytelling


Christine Parreno.png

Christine Parreno

The Girl and the Ink Studio


The job that shouldn't still exist: humanity at your fingertips


Human Factor and Creativity


Stephane Orna.png

Stéphane Orna



Collective Intelligence, the key factor to sustainable business success


Human Factor and Profession


Claudio Pedone.png

Claudio Pedone

Campus Biomedico di Roma


The human factor in medicine: the importance of the human touch in a high-tech profession


Human factor and doctor-patient relationship (ENGLISH)

Lucy Molinar.png

Lucy Molinar



El factor humano, potencia revolucionaria

Factor humano, educación y política (ESPAÑOL)

Inés Espallargas.png

Inés Espallargas



Final de la vida en la cultura antiageing: ¿eliminar o acoger al vulnerable?

Factor humano y el final de la vida (ESPAÑOL)

Fran Melo.png
Cristina Abecia.png

Francisca Melo y Cristina Abecia


(Chile - España)

La potencia de hacer equipo


Factor humano y trabajo colaborativo (ESPAÑOL)


Mercedes Gargiulo



El software de tu cerebro

Factor humano y la psicología


javier vidal quadras.png

Javier Vidal-Quadras

Abogado cofundador de AVQ y secretario general de IFFD

Soy más que mi cuerpo. Una aproximación a la sexualidad humana


Factor humano y sexualidad


Mireia Las Heras.png

Mireia Las Heras



Marca personal: ¿Cuál es mi identidad virtual?

Factor humano y marca personal (ESPAÑOL)

isabel sanchez.png

Isabel Sánchez

Secretaria Central Opus Dei


¿Cultura del cuidado o cultura del descarte? El cuidado como manifestación de la contemplación del otro

El factor humano y el cuidado como cultivo de vínculos  (ESPAÑOL)

Anne Boily.png

Anne Boily

AI Consultant


Artificial Intelligence: Global Competition or Cooperation?

Human Factor and artificial intelligence (ENGLISH)


Ana Serrano

Músico y directora coral


Sinfonía humana: descifrando el poder de la música

Factor humano y música (ESPAÑOL)


María José Murcia



Managing grand social challenges of global production networks

Human factor, multinationals and social conscience (ENGLISH)

*Once the registrations are closed, a form will be sent to choose the topic to work on. The working groups will be in Spanish or English, depending on the expert leading them.

At the end of the day, the reflections will be captured in a graphic document that will bring together the work of all the groups and will serve to multiply the scope of the UNIV Lab's conclusions. The aim is for this output to have a real impact, both on the participants of the meeting and on their environment.


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Attend the keynote


Attend the keynote


participate in the workshop

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UNIV Lab 2023

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