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UNIV is an international meeting of young university women who seek to deepen their faith, their life, and fill their work with meaning.

As part of UNIV Inspire, participants will have the opportunity to listen to experts and join problem-solving forums, as well as attend the Easter Triduum ceremonies and participate in meetings with the Pope and the Prelate of Opus Dei.

UNIV's History

UNIV Inspire was born in 1968, promoted by St. Josemaría Escrivá, who dreamed of an international meeting of young university students from the five continents who would ask themselves big questions and work to find answers that would help improve the world.

Since then, every year about 1,000 young people live this experience of profound impact, from which ideas are born and grow, as a result of the contact with the cultural, spiritual and artistic heritage that the city of Rome holds.

UNIV Experience


Academic Activity  

UNIV Inspire has at the center of its interests the work as a place of personal growth and fulfillment; but, fundamentally, as an instrument to serve others and society.

Holy Week 

Holy Week is a key moment in the life of a Christian and at UNIV you can experience it in the heart of the Church, close to the Pope.



Living for a week with university students from five continents will help you to broaden your eyes and heart. Discover other cultures and the universality of the Church and Opus Dei.

Plaza de San Pedro

Cultural richness

The city of Rome has a great historical, cultural and artistic heritage. Strolling through its streets and visiting the different emblematic places is an enriching experience. 

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