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UNIV Inspire

More than just an experience

The UNIV Easter Workshop is an experience that is authentically human. It’s an international encounter in Rome, geared towards young women seeking new perspectives on life, faith, and meaningful work. Participants from dozens of countries have the opportunity to explore, reflect, and discover together, convinced that each person is uniquely gifted and called to be a catalyst of transformation, renewing the world from within. 


         We regret to communicate that, as a precaution against the evolving health emergency caused by the coronavirus in Italy and other countries, UNIV Inspire 2020 has been cancelled. This decision has been made for the preventive care of the health of all involved.


     We are deeply sorry for the problems that all this may cause. If you have already made a monetary contribution, we will reimburse you as much as we can.


      We will be in touch as soon as possible using the email address you provided when you registered.


          From Rome, we hope that this does not prevent you from living the upcoming Holy Week with enthusiasm and a prayerful attitude, very united to the Holy Father and the Prelate of Opus Dei. We also encourage you to continue praying for the people throughout the world affected by the coronavirus. It is a moment to be good leaders wherever we all are.

Feb. 28, 2020

Detrás de la cámara chica
Equipo de negocios

The UNIV Easter Workshop takes place during Holy Week. The cultural, artistic, and spiritual heritage of the Eternal City provides a backdrop to discussion and a treasure trove for personal enrichment, as the living tradition of Rome nourishes the present and opens horizons for the future.

The UNIV Easter Workshop seeks to generate dialogue, spark friendships, and encourage solidarity. Shared meals, international get-togethers, guided walking tours, volunteering opportunities and Meeting Points –platforms for thinking, debating, and brainstorming– and more… make UNIV an experience that truly inspires.