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UNIV 2024

Ancla 1

UNIV is an international meeting of young university women who seek to deepen their faith, their life, and fill their work with meaning.


An experience that takes place in Rome during Holy Week and that will help you renew your vision of the world, of others and of yourself.

Que es UNIV
Horizonte de roma

Now it is a very close reality. 

We have more than 1,200 participants

We will wait for you!


Participate in the UNIV Lab, an interdisciplinary working day for young people led by experts.


The goal: to delve into "The Human Factor", the theme of UNIV 2024.


Spend time with young people from all five continents and discover the cultures and life stories of people who share dreams and ideals.


Rediscover the Church and Opus Dei with a universal outlook.


Love has no age... it has been waiting for you for XXI centuries!


Experience Holy Week, a key moment in the life of a Christian, in Rome, the heart of the Church.


The Eternal City is full of treasures to discover: you can visit emblematic places such as St. Peter's Basilica or the Colosseum, discover all the art of the Vatican Museums, stroll through the streets of Trastevere...


UNIV 2024

"The human factor"

Los avances tecnológicos en la Inteligencia Artificial nos han sorprendido a todos. Pero, además, nos han hecho cuestionarnos grandes cosas: ¿Qué es la inteligencia humana? ¿Qué es la creatividad humana? ¿Qué nos hace más humanos? Acompáñanos este UNIV 2024 para reflexionar en este apasionante tema


From March 23-31, 2024


Here are some frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions and you can't find the information on the web, you can write to:

Travel to Rome

The travel to Rome is organized by each group.


There are different accommodations in Rome and in the outskirts. Please contact your group leader to find out which one is right for you.

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